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Want Master Grogan to Speak at Your Event?

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Elevate Your Event with a Spark of Warrior Confidence

Bring the dynamic, powerful presence of Master Coach Rich Grogan to your next event. Renowned for delivering electrifying speeches and workshops, I specialize in connecting with high-achieving athletes, entrepreneurs & leaders igniting their inner warrior spirit.

My approach goes beyond traditional speaking. I create an interactive, transformative journey, highlighted by an empowering board-breaking experience. This unique activity symbolizes the breaking through of fears and barriers, perfectly illustrating my message of overcoming challenges with resilience and determination.

“Rich Grogan is one of the most engaging, exciting speakers I have seen. His energy, his audience interaction, and his demonstrations are phenomenal. I highly recommend Rich Grogan for any stage.”

—Howard Partridge, founder of Phenomenal Business Coaching powered by Zig Ziglar

“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Rich’s leadership firsthand. He leads by example, with integrity and a genuine passion for helping others. Rich is a trusted friend and truly walks the walk in every area of life.  I recommend him highly as a speaker who will motivate and inspire any audience with his incredible energy and message.” 

—Tom Ziglar, Proud son of Zig Ziglar, CEO of the Zig Ziglar Corporation

What Makes My Speaking Engagements Unique?

  • Board-Breaking Experience: A metaphorical and literal breaking through of barriers, empowering attendees to confront and overcome their fears.
  • Interactive and Engaging: My events are filled with energy, motivation, and audience participation, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience.
  • Tailored for High Achievers: Whether addressing athletes striving for excellence or entrepreneurs & leaders navigating the business world, my sessions resonate deeply with their aspirations and challenges.
  • Blend of Warrior Confidence and Ziglar Philosophies: I combine practical, life-changing strategies with Ziglar’s timeless principles, offering a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

“Rich Grogan is one of the most magnetic and inspiring speakers I’ve ever experienced. He exudes energy unlike anyone I know and delivers tons of value in an impactful way.”

—Jose Escobar, CEO of Connected Leaders Academy

“Rich Grogan is the real deal, y’all! I’ve known Rich for several years and have personally witnessed his talent, character and passion through his speaking, coaching and writing abilities. I believe his core desire is to help others be the best they can be. His experience and God-given wisdom will not go unnoticed if you are blessed to be in his presence!.” 

—Cindy Ziglar Oates, Proud daughter of Zig Ziglar, Zig Ziglar Corporation

Ideal for a Variety of Audiences

  • Businesses and Corporations: Enhance leadership, team cohesion, and performance.
  • Athletic Teams: Foster mental toughness, teamwork, and peak performance.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Provide deep dives into personal development and mastery.
  • Webinars: Reach a wider audience with accessible, empowering content.

Invite me to your conference, workshop, or corporate event to experience a session brimming with power, intensity, and transformative strategies. My speeches are not just talks; they are catalysts for enduring change.

“Rich is a beacon of strength and positivity. His coaching and speaking not only foster growth, confidence, and resilience, by helping individuals unlock their inner warrior and embrace their true potential, but also ignite a profound transformation, empowering underdogs to face life’s challenges and emerge victorious.”

—Chris Widener, Author, The Art of Influence, International Speaker Hall of fame

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