About Master Coach Rich Grogan

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Rich Grogan

Igniting The Warrior Spirit in Hearts of Champions!
Helping Hockey Players Get The Ice Time They Want & The Leadership Roles They Desire!

Who I Am & Who I Help:
Hi, I’m Master Coach Rich Grogan, an empowerment coach and speaker for athletes & leaders, primarily hockey players.
My true passion is igniting the warrior spirit in the hearts of champions.
Empowering them with the Warrior Confidence to stand out from the crowd & lead with Respect,  Integrity, Work Ethic, & Effective Communication to embrace their full potential & achieve their greatest success!

I Strive To Be The Mentor I Always Wanted & Needed In My Life!
Empowering athletes to get the playing time & leaderships roles they want by leading with integrity, both on & off the ice!

Problems I Solve:
  • Hockey players not getting the ice time and leadership roles they deserve, often due to untapped potential, lack of direction, and poor guidance.
  • Misunderstandings and poor communications with parents – this is often the biggest challenge for coaches and organizations.

This can be the difference between a fun, successful championship season, or a season filled with misery & unhappiness that you can’t wait to be over.

What I Do:
  • I help athletes develop impeccable character both on and off the ice, to become the leaders and champions they were born to be.
  • I help parents, coaches & organizations develop a respectful, cohesive, championship environment based on respect, integrity & proper communication.
How I Solve It
  • Through my ‘How to Get More Ice Time’ program, I empower athletes to unleash their inner warrior and consistently perform at their highest level in three crucial areas: respect, work ethic, and proper communication.
  • I enhance players’ visibility and increase their ice time while also strengthening their leadership qualities. Helping them excel as champions & leaders both on & off the ice.
  • By creating a supportive environment where coaches can thrive, athletes can excel, and organizations can gain positive notoriety and achieve sustainable success, becoming places where parents and players want to be.
My Credibility:
  • I’ve empowered thousands of athletes to become champions with my Warrior Confidence programs. These programs are designed to build strong leadership and successful teams by fostering respect, work ethic, and effective communication with parents, players, coaches, and organizations.
  • With over four decades of experience in the game as a player, coach, and parent, combined with four decades in Martial Arts, including 4 life-changing trips to Korea for extensive Martial Arts training in the mountains of South Korea,
  • I am an award winning, best selling author “Becoming Bully Proof”, an international speaker, Master Coach & Master Martial Artist. 
  • I’ve developed the Warrior Confidence brand to help bring out the very best (mentally, spiritually, and physically) in athletes & leaders. I help them develop respect, work ethic, proper communication, and impeccable character both on and off the ice, molding them into the leaders and champions they were born to be.

My journey is defined by resilience, passion, and a relentless commitment to unleashing the warrior spirit that resides in all of us.

Why Take Action Now:
  • If you don’t address these challenges now, the problems will only continue to grow, leading to more frustration and missed opportunities for athletes, coaches, and organizations.
  • Don’t let untapped potential and poor communication hold you back.
Ready to develop the best players, parents, and teams, and create a positive, productive environment for your coaches and players?

Connect with me today and let’s build champions together!

My Journey to empowering champions…

Starting as an athlete who was often overlooked & undervalued, I experienced the pain of riding the bench and being cut from teams.

  • Always the shortest, smallest guy on every team, and never the most talented.
  • I was told I’m not big enough, tall enough, strong enough, good enough or smart enough, and that I should give up & quit more times than I can remember.

But I learned I had something that can’t be taught and something ALL coaches loved.
– A huge freaking heart and an unyielding desire to be relentless, to battle through and never give up! 
(This was my Bobby Boucher tackling fuel – My Inner Warrior)!

  • From then on, I earned ice time & leadership roles (wearing the “C” or “A” on nearly every team).
  • I’ve won numerous championships in hockey & Martial Arts, and have spent the past 35 years empowering athletes, coaches & leaders (primarily hockey players) to believe in themselves, to be respectful, have integrity, and always do their best at everything they do.

I empower them to have an attitude of excellence, mindset of success, work ethic of an underdog & the heart of a champion.
To earn what they want most…


What Is Warrior Confidence?
Warrior Confidence is an unstoppable force that propels you to embrace your full potential & unleash your inner warrior to become the champion you were born to be.
It’s an attitude of excellence, resilient work ethic & impeccable character driving you toward your greatest success.

5 Essential Tips To Earn More Ice Time

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