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Unlock your full potential with Warrior Confidence Unleashed; programs, groups, masterminds and 1-1 coaching.

We specialize in guiding high achievers like you who’ve tasted success but now feel stuck or unfulfilled and are seeking to regain momentum and excel in all areas of life — personal, family, professional, mental, spiritual, physical, financial, and beyond — you’re in the right place.

We tackle the common challenges high achievers go through, helping you break through plateaus and find balance.

By integrating Zig Ziglar’s philosophies with the ‘7 Pillars of Warrior Confidence,’ we provide a powerful, multifaceted approach to not just overcoming obstacles but mastering life.

Join us to transform into your best self, perform exceptionally across all life’s arenas, and leave a legacy that ripples through time.

You’re Only 1 Step Away from Life Mastery & Balance!

Take the leap with Warrior Confidence Unleashed

Our programs are your bridge to a life where every arena — personal, professional, and beyond — is in harmony and thriving.

Discover the power of the ‘7 Pillars of Warrior Confidence’ and Zig Ziglar’s philosophies in a community that champions continuous growth and legacy-building.

Ready to transform your potential into reality? Explore our programs and find your path to becoming the champion you were meant to be.

Unleashed 8-Week Program

Embark on an 8-week transformative journey with our group coaching program, where the timeless wisdom of Zig Ziglar meets the empowering ‘7 Pillars of Warrior Confidence.’ Tailored for high achievers who feel stuck or unfulfilled, this program is your catalyst to unlocking inherent potential and mastering every arena of life.

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll engage in a structured, yet deeply personal exploration of wisdom, attitude, respect, reliability, integrity, opportunism, and resilience. Expect to find balance, elevate your life, and achieve a holistic triumph that spans both your personal and professional worlds. Join us to turn your potential into reality and step into the life of mastery you’re destined for.

“Rich is a beacon of strength and positivity. His coaching and speaking not only foster growth, confidence, and resilience, by helping individuals unlock their inner warrior and embrace their true potential, but also ignite a profound transformation, empowering underdogs to face life’s challenges and emerge victorious.”

—Chris Widener, Author, The Art of Influence, International Speaker Hall of fame

Ongoing Monthly Membership Group

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Step into an ongoing journey of growth and excellence with our monthly membership group. This community is designed for continuous improvement, offering regular insights, support, and accountability as you strive for balance and mastery in all life’s arenas.

Each month, you’ll access new content, live sessions, and the collective wisdom of a community committed to mutual success.

It’s your steady stream of motivation and learning, ensuring you remain on the path to mastery, keep up with the latest strategies, and never stop evolving.

Join us to maintain your momentum, stay connected with fellow warriors, and keep your growth continuous and dynamic.

“Rich Grogan is the real deal, y’all! I’ve known Rich for several years and have personally witnessed his talent, character and passion through his speaking, coaching and writing abilities. I believe his core desire is to help others be the best they can be. His experience and God-given wisdom will not go unnoticed if you are blessed to be in his presence!.” 

—Cindy Ziglar Oates, Proud daughter of Zig Ziglar, Zig Ziglar Corporation

6-Month Mastermind

Join our exclusive 6-month mastermind designed for those committed to achieving and sustaining the highest levels of success.

This program offers a deep dive into advanced strategies, personalized guidance, and the unparalleled support of a community of like-minded high achievers.

Over the six months, you’ll forge deeper connections, encounter transformative insights, and develop a comprehensive mastery that impacts every area of your life. It’s more than a program; it’s a commitment to excellence, providing the momentum and support you need to maintain peak performance and continue growing long after the mastermind concludes.

“Rich Grogan is passionate about helping people to reach their greatest potential and be all they were created to be. His enthusiasm for empowering others is evident in everything he does and he’s on a mission to change the lives of people all around the world!”

—Michelle Prince, CEO, Performance Publishing 

1-1 Personalized Coaching

Experience the ultimate personalized journey with our 1-1 coaching program, where every session is tailored to your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

This intensive, personalized approach ensures that you receive focused guidance and strategies that resonate with your specific path to mastery.
With one-on-one attention, you’ll break through barriers more quickly, uncover deep-seated potential, and accelerate your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

It’s a partnership dedicated to your growth, offering the confidentiality, depth, and personalized attention you need to achieve profound, lasting success.

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